Corporate Marketing Services Pty Ltd

Business and Consumer Interviewing for Market Research

Excellent project management skills, staff training and quality assurance procedures ensure your project will run smoothly and comply with the professional standards of the AMSRS locally, which incorporates ICC/ESOMAR principles of professional behaviour.

About Us

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Our Managing Director, Judy Campbell, has been in Field Management positions in the Market Research industry for approximately 30 odd years and brings with her an understanding of, and experience with a broad range of research.

Judy works with a team of Supervisory and Interviewing Specialists who are highly experienced in managing the full range of Market Research field methodologies, having worked in areas such as:

Tracking Studies

Medical Research

Audit and Mystery Shopping

Social Research - multilingual studies

Product placements and callbacks

Our Project Manager, Kevin Stott, has been in market research since 1990. Kevin worked for Mike Shaw of Links Research for several years where his love of qualitative research was developed. Kevin now specializes in Qualitative and Executive Level research.

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